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Fire Resistant Coveralls


Your team are blue-collar professionals, but they can’t do their jobs in just jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe they’re working in harsh environments, maybe they need to be visible in the dark, maybe you just want your workforce to look good- whatever reason you need workwear for, we can get you professional-quality clothing, built for tough jobs and priced so that you don’t need to worry about your next order blowing your budget. We’re building a catalogue of great quality workwear for any company that needs to shop safety coveralls in Alberta. We’re aiming to become the most trusted, most affordable industrial coveralls suppliers in Alberta, starting with a line of FR Coveralls.

  • ITEM Number:WSCOVFR1
  • SPECS:NFPA 2112, CGFB 155.20, ASTMF-1519, ATPV 13cal/cm2 and HRC 2 
  • Sizes:36 to 58 Regular and Tall